Wednesday 14 September 2011


I would like to thank my friend LIZZIE JACOBS for helping with typing some material used in this blog. I appreciate your passion for doing so. I, therefore, dedicate this book to you.
I also would like to thank staff at the National Archives in Harare for the photocopying. I also thank friends who have been asking me how far I had gone with the book. I am glad to say part of it is here and will be coming everyday via this blog.
Most of the material used in this blog is drawn from interviews I carried out with Zimbabwean musicians over the years. The abridged versions of the interviews were published in The Herald under a weekly column calleld Filecheck. In this blog, I have used longer and unedited versions as well as other material from various sources among them
This is not the first catalogue of Zimbabwean music. Prof Fred Zindi and Joyce Jenje-Mkwenda have done it before. But it is definitely the first to attempt to bring voices and thoughts of musicians. It profiles and comments on various issues on and about musicians. It is also the first to attempt to cover as many names as possible.
Since Zimbabwean music is still happening, this is a work in progress. It will be updated as and when there are changes.

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