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Ivy Kombo & Pastor Kasi made me live their lie - for a day

The rumours have always been doing the rounds but proving them was difficult. So one day, I was assigned to spend a day with Ivy Kombo and Pastor Kasi. It was soon after her show at the Sheraton Hotel alongside Kofi Olomide where we had captured her in the company of women who were drinking. So Ivy came to plead with my editor when both the story I wrote and the picture raised a lot of talk and cast her in bad light. So I had to spend a day with them and try to get down to the bottom of her relationship with Pastor Kasi. This was not easy because Pastor Kasi is very shrewed. If he had managed to fool the world even by denying partenity of his daughter, would I have picked anything up? But I realised that much of what went on that day had been rehearsed.

I always regret the day Pastor Admire Kasingakore and Ivy Kombo made me live their lie for a day.
I was assigned to spend a day with the two in 2005 just to see whether the rumours of them living-in were true.
It was decided that before writing the story, we had to have first hand information and spending a weekend with the pair would reveal more.
I met them at a church in the Avenues area where they had a session before driving across town to a Mufakose school for another afternoon session.
From there, it was around 5pm, we went to Pastor Kasi’s home where I spoke to him and below is the one-on-one interview below.

WG: So much has been said about you and Ivy. Are you staying together?AK: It’s not helpful to chase the wind by responding to questions that give credence to rumours. We end up being confused. And we are not anxious about it because it has been written about a thousand times. We know who was paid to write about such things.
WG: But what is the position?
AK: On our part, we do not want to call back what papers that have abused us said. We do not want to cause anxiety.
WG: What caused the rumours in the first place?
AK: The rumours came as a result of disharmony among the gospel groups in the country. Ivy has made a breakthrough in her musical career and this does not please other artistes who are in the same industry. These are the people who have tried to be like her.
If you remember well after the first Nguva Yakwana Gospel show, another female gospel artiste tried to do a similar project. She brought South African artistes but her show was a flop.
In a way, it is the battle for success. So these are some of the people who seek to say things about Ivy.
The rumours started a few days before Ivy was set to win a Nama award. That time it was about Vuyo (Mokoena). People said Ivy was carrying Vuyo’s baby.
The situation was made even worse when some papers lied that Ivy had referred to Vuyo as munhu ane mazinyama.
No journalist spoke to Ivy about it and she never made such comments.
WG: Pastor, isn’t it that some of rumours were a result of your wife’s and Ivy’s husband’s absence? People say that your wife left for the UK disgruntled with this alleged relationship between you and Ivy?
AK: My wife left for the UK to manage our business. We intended to launch another Nguva Yakwana in the UK. I sent 17 other guys including Ivy’s husband. They went there to lay down the foundation for the launch of the business.
In any case, when she left, there were journalists here who were covering preparations for Nguva Yakwana. They were aware of her going. She never left in protest.
But yes, now there are disagreements. However, these are not over anything else but (my) resignation from the church – Zaoga.
My wife did not agree with my decision to leave the church that had treated her like a daughter.
This is because when she converted to Zaoga, her parents did not like the idea. As a result, Pastor (Ezekiel) Guti looked after her and even today, she has a very special place in the Guti home.
It’s true, she changed whatever we had acquired together but was in her, into that of her sister’s name. To be honest, she took from our company, Adsa, seven times more than what I was left with.
But this has nothing to do with Ivy. If you want to know, Ivy opted out of her marriage after her husband’s relatives had started accusing her of tarnishing their name.
In fact, her-in-laws wrote 16 cheques as wedding gifts and what did we get? Sixteen bounced cheques. We still have the cheques with us.
Rather when I sent her husband to the UK, being someone with two degrees, he saw an opportunity of doing his own thing.
He was one of the people who got a job and then informed me that he could only do what I had sent him for when he got the time. But I did not mind. I could have done the same had I been in his position.

A few years later, Pastor announced that he was marrying Ivy and the baby girl was in actual, his child.

Ivy was born in 1976 and her father passed away when she was five years old. Her mother had to sell vegetables to fend for the family that was based in Glen View, Harare. Together with her twin sister Anne, she was adopted by a pastor, Admire Kasingakore who paid their school fees up to secondary level.
After school they joined Kasi’s musical group called Egea Gospel train where they worked with seasoned gospel musician, Carol Chivengwa-Mujokoro. They released one of the most successful gospel music albums to date titled Mufudzi Wangu.
The group later split and Ivy embarked on a solo project with Kasi’s support and this has seen her release a number of albums. She has also featured in a number of shows in the country and abroad.
But whatever success she scored musically was drowned by her sham wedding and then the shocking revelations that the daughter she had declared was her wedded husband is in actual fact, Kasi’s child.
For years, both Kasi and Ivy had managed to fool the media and the nation about their affair.

Peter Moyo who was with the Standard during Kasi and Ivy’s affair was one of the very few journalists who smelt a rat and in an article headlined In the name of Jesus, die Peter! In the name of Jesus die he wrote:

I went through a painful period after first querying Ivy Kombo's marriage to Edmore Moyo and her pregnancy which can only be described as mysterious.
After my first interview with her for the Standard newspaper, Ivy realised how she had blown it by attacking South African gospel singer, Vuyo Mokoena, saying: "His muscles would not turn me on."
When she realised what she had just told me and a colleague in our interview, she immediately called Kasi.
"Baba taurai navakomana ava (Father talk to these men)," she said.
Kasi took us into his office and started talking about how he could guarantee a $40 million loan if we dropped the issue. We refused his bait and after that, my painful episode started.
It was Monday and the story had been penciled for the next Sunday. Ivy would phone crying, begging me not to run the story. As the days went by, she started telling me she was going to commit suicide if I went ahead with the story.
She would phone me at 3am telling me she was about to commit suicide. I reminded her she was a child of God, someone respectable. I told her than in fact, it I was supposed to be the one seeking guidance from her.
By Saturday, she was now on a suicidal mission which I believed to be real. I refused to drop the story. I told her if she indeed went ahead with the suicide, I would be the first person to write the story and tell the world why she had killed herself.
"Ah, I am depressed, ndirikungofunga kuti ndingopinda mumota ndongo driver kana ikabuda muroad ikawira mu bridge ndizvozvo (I am thinking if I drive my car and it veers off the road and plunges down a bridge that's it)," she said Saturday evening, a day before publication.
But Sunday came and the newspaper flew off the news stands. It was the toast of the town. And no-one had committed suicide.
I thought the black cloud which had preceded the printing of the story was over but then, later that afternoon, threats started coming. Ivy Kombo never hid her identity. She would phone and then as I answered she would say, "In the name of Jesus die Peter! In the name of Jesus die!" before hanging up.
It was a voice full of hate and anger. This continued for the whole week. There is so much she would say on the phone - some of it unprintable in a family publication.
She would phone me at night, during the day, in the morning and shout the "Die!" messages and use God's name to lace it . "In the name of Jesus, be cursed!," she said once.
I then remembered that in the original story, I had left out a lot of details about the paternity of the child. I had once featured Edmore Moyo in my prior column, Spouse Talk, and he had told me he was due to leave for UK.
There had been rumours that Kasi, sensing the ZAOGA church elders' plan to defrock him, had bought Moyo to marry Ivy and cover his tracks.
Moyo on the other hand, didn't look like a person in love during our Spouse Talk interview. His relatives were also up in arms. He had also told me during our January 2002 interview that he would be leaving for UK soon.
And for sure on 28 February 2002, he phoned one of our correspondents from the airport. He was leaving for London. So my next story was going to be centred on the paternity of Sammy-Joe.
Ivy was now pregnant -- and note that this was now February 2003. The only time she had tried to visit Edmore since his departure had been in September 2002. A very close confidante of Ivy had told me she had been "chased away" by Edmore, hence the chances of copulation were none.
Edmore's relatives also confirmed she had not spent a day at Edmore's house in the UK but now she was heavily pregnant.
The dates of her visiting UK and the days of her giving birth were in conflict as well. It showed she would be two months early than the supposed September date of copulation.
She later phoned me to try and change the date of her visit to UK to July -- something denied by Edmore's relatives and also in conflict with our earlier stories of her visit before our reportage of the scandal.
I went ahead to write the story of the parternity, going further to quiz Ivy's former classmates who told us her first contact with Kasi was when she was in Form 3, when Kasi would come to her boarding school with gifts and groceries.
Another issue which has never been discussed is that Kasi also fathered the son of Ivy's twin sister. She too had been sent to UK to avoid public scrutiny. A gardener at Ivy's home also confirmed to us that ivy and kasi were staying together like husband and wife. A maid confirmed the same.
So the paternity issue went straight to Kasi. Seeing as it was, we ran the story. My Editor, Bornwell Chakaodza, decided to remove the story from front page to the back pages. But the story was a seller.
Ivy was filming the tourism video Come to Victoria Falls Down in Zimbabwe when the story broke. Her threats continued but she failed to achieve anything.
A women's organsation, FAMZ, came to her aid. Using donor money from the British Council, they organised a workshop on gender issues. They invited me and I attended but pulled out after realising the workshop had been set up by these feminists trying to attack me. That is what the workshop generated into -- with the core issue on the agenda being about Ivy Kombo and Peter Moyo.
Many of them were seasoned journalists, telling me how I should not have gone to print with Ivy's story. Naturally, I told them to go to hell.
For Ivy, he music career -- built around Christian teachings -- was over, and her subsequent shows flopped. It was now clear that Kasi's Nguva Yakwana project was doomed as well leading to their flight to the UK.
Years later, I am happy finally that the truth has come out with Kasi's announcement that he will wed his "daughter" in February next year. –

Pastor Kasi finally surrenders to the truth

Pastor Admire Kasi, the enterprising gospel music producer, businessman and man of the cloth, has finally surrendered to the truth.
After years of denying having an affair with gospel diva Ivy Kombo whom he intends to wed in February, Kasi has finally seen it fit to announce he is marrying Kombo.
It is his own right to marry the woman of his choice but Kasi, by admitting at last that he is marrying his "long time" sweetheart, has tarnished his name forever.
Here is a man who lived with Ivy Kombo and twin sister Anne in his house and gave many interviews boasting about how God had given him the heart to look after the Kombos.
He claimed he was supporting Ivy's mother in Glen View and also employed her brother McDonald.
Kasi told the currently banished Daily News in one of the interviews that Ivy and Anne had blossomed into good musicians because of his role in nurturing them.
At the time, in 2001, Kasi, in his former offices at Coal House, said he discovered the Kombo twins during one of his many crusades in the Zaoga Church.
The enigmatic Kasi had not been defrocked then. He was stripped off pastoral duties following revelations that he was dating Ivy.
Of course Kasi denied having dated the sultry gospel singer, yet in reality, he was skillfully grooming her to be his wife.
In 2002, when The Daily News and The Standard confronted him to shed light on the resurfacing rumours of his affair with Kombo, Kasi simply said he was the singer's "father" -- and any accusations were tantamount to committing incest.
When South African gospel musician Vuyo Mokoena was rumoured to be bedding Ivy, Kasi went ballistic. We now know why!
Sarah, a woman who many friends say is as soft as a dove, lived with painfully knowing that Kasi and Ivy were bedmates.
When relations became frosty between Sarah and Ivy, friends say, Kasi sent his wife to the UK.
In the absence of Sarah and of course Edmore Moyo, who had been sent to "plant" a church in 2001 in the UK by Kasi, Ivy got pregnant.
When The Standard raised the pregnancy issue with Ivy, she threatened to sue the paper.
The Standard had asked Kombo how she got pregnant since her husband had not returned to Zimbabwe after the trip to the UK. When she claimed that she had met him in the UK, the diligent Standard still queried the variation in the times.
Now Kombo says the child belongs to Edmore Moyo.
Interestingly papers in the High Court where Moyo is divorcing Ivy, the issue of paternity is included. Kombo has failed to attend the High Court hearing on two occasions.
But history will judge Kasi harshly.
Here is a man who betrayed his wife and trust of his colleagues by having an adulterous relationship with his subordinate and "daughter".
When Edmore Moyo wed Ivy, both were employed by the pastor at ADSA Real Estate agents. Kasi bankrolled the wedding "as an appreciation" of his two "children" who had decided to go into the holy matrimony.
Now, he tells the whole world that after serious consultations, he has decided to marry Ivy.
Then what his friends and relatives have been saying along, is true.
It is said Kasi was happy to finance Ivy and Edmore's wedding as it gave him protective cover from the prying eyes of world.
As a journalist who was fooled by Kasi and repeatedly lied to, I only hope that the "good" pastor knows what he is doing.
Everything he touched after his relationship with Ivy, turned bad. He lost the lucrative contracts at ADSA, his Highlands house was almost auctioned and his vaunted Nguva Yakwana Shows flopped.
The last one in 2004 sadly claimed the life of his relative - Jackie Madondo whose star was beginning to shine brightly.
Pastor Kasi simply lived a lie all these years and will be judged harshly.

Ivy Kombo, Kasi wedding in February
An impending marriage has forced Pastor Admire Kasi to admit the worst kept secret in showbiz – a relationship with gospel singer, Ivy Kombo.
The two love birds who divorced their partners before moving to Britain to “spread the word of God” have announced they are getting married in February next year.
Kasi has flown back to Zimbabwe to make arrangements for the wedding, and Kombo, who lives in Luton, is expected to follow soon.
"We’re going to wed in February next year. This has been a result of serious consultations with several Christian leaders for guidance and I am pleased that everything is in order," Kasi told journalists in Harare.
He added: “Those who knew how my previous marriage ended and those who knew when this relationship started are at peace.”
Kasi has three children – Linda, Lorraine and Tino -- from his collapsed marriage with ex-wife, Sara.
Kombo, who split from her husband, Edmore Moyo, has a child, Sammy-Joe.
Sammy-Joe’s paternity was a source of much gossip in Zimbabwe, but Kombo is intent on putting the rumours to rest and has revealed that Moyo -- and not Kasi, or South African gospel singer Vuyo Mokoena – is the dad.
The music website, reported recently that Kasi’s ex-wife “fled the United Kingdom for the safe-haven of Canada together with her children”.
Kombo, whose most successful hit to date is Sammy-Joe -- a track dedicated to her daughter – appears to have put her singing career on hold.
She has held a few shows in the UK, mainly as a supporting act. Her shows have not been too successful, according to friends. reports that just before leaving Zimbabwe, Kasi had hit hard times after his annual gospel music show, Nguva Yakwana, which featured several Zimbabwean artists failed to pull in the crowds.
“He was indebted to almost everyone in the industry and soon his Newlands home was put under the auctioneer's hammer, only to be rescued at the last minute,” the website reported.
“The salvation of his home meant he had to sacrifice something valuable– he had to sell off his Mercedes Benz E-Class, by then one of the few luxury cars running around the streets of Harare with a full tank of fuel.
“Ivy was dragged into the courts – and onto the front pages of tabloid newspapers in Harare – after she failed to honour the repair bills for her motor vehicle.
“As the problems were mounting, Kasi and Kombo retired to the comfort of London, where they went under the pretext of ‘spreading the word of God’ and holding some gospel music shows.”
The website added: “If ever Kasi and Kombo come back to Harare, they are most likely to live a life of solitude and misery as Ivy is booed at most of her public appearances, which makes her stage act a bit difficult.
“It is against this background that the congregation at Upper View Ministries, his church, dwindled to such low figures that he did not have a "quorum" to hold a Sunday service. The low attendance figures plus the marauding creditors could have forced Kasi and Kombo to seek the cold comfort of London.” –

Kombo, Pastor Kasi married in traditional ceremony
Pastor Admire Kasi has customarily married his girlfriend, singer Ivy Kombo.
Kombo flew to Zimbabwe for the ceremony held at her family home in Glen View on Saturday, clearing the way for a public wedding ceremony later in the year.
Kasi's marriage to Kombo will heighten public criticism of the couple.
For several years, married Kasi denied rumours that he was bedding Kombo, whom he described as his daughter after adopting her together with her sister, Anne.
Kasi covered his tracks by keeping Kombo's mother happy with regular deliveries of goodies to her Glen View home and employing her brother, McDonald.
As rumours swelled in 2002 over his blossoming illicit affair with Ivy -- who was married to Edmore Moyo -- Kasi constantly denied the rumours, suggesting to reporters that they were accusing him of "incest".
Despite his spirited denials, he was defrocked by Zaoga church. Kasi then sent his wife, Sarah, to Britain to avoid the storm.
Moyo, who had received assistance with his bride price for Kombo from Kasi, soon followed to the UK after the disgraced churchman tasked him with "planting a church" for his new Upper View Ministries.
It was not immediately clear this week if Kasi and Kombo's divorces had both gone through before Saturday's ceremony. Lawyers for Kombo's estranged husband have previously said they were waiting for Kombo to sign the divorce papers.
Lee Kasi, the disgraced pastor's sister, was non-commital when reporters arrived at the Kasi family home during the private ceremony.
"I don’t know what is really happening. I was just told to come here and, as you can see, I am just sitting in the car," she told the Sunday Mail.
"Besides, I am not the right person to give you details since whatever is happening inside has nothing to do with me."
But a neighbour revealed: "I saw Kasi driving his car in the morning and I am sure he is inside. The whole neighbourhood knows the two are getting married today."
Later Saturday, Kasi's spokesperson, Yeukai Mazanhi, confirmed he had paid lobola for his lover.
"Ivy and Pastor Kasi got married at a customary ceremony where he paid lobola for Ivy Kombo. The marriage was a long time coming but the couple could not preempt the customary ceremony as you know that the type of marriage can be a bit of a touchy affair and is rather sensitive.
"The Press had unfortunately married and wed the couple well before the official events on the ground and so it was not proper to announce a union before the in-laws had even given their daughter’s hand in marriage."
Both Kasi and Kombo have lived in the UK for the last four years, although Kasi returned to Zimbabwe last year, saying he wanted to prepare for the marriage. –

Ivy lied over pregnancy, claims hubby's mum
Singer Ivy Kombo told the mother of her extranged husband that she couldn't conceive as she desperately tried to hide her blossoming relationship with pastor Admire Kasingakore, it has been revealed.
Febby Chawunoita, Edmore Moyo's mother, said her son told her just before leaving for the UK in 2002 that the Sammy Joe star was four-months pregnant.
Moyo, who had been posted to the UK to "spread the wings" of Kasi's church, also told his mum that he looked forward to Kombo joining her in the UK.
But days after his departure, Kombo told Chawunoita that she had fibroids and wanted to terminate the pregnancy.
"That was the last time I heard about the pregnancy," Chawunoita told the Sunday Mail. "In fact, the next time I was to read in the papers that Ivy was pregnant by Vuyo (Mokoena).
"There she was, my daughter-in-law, who could not conceive now being rumoured to be pregnant by someone else."
In fact, Kombo was pregnant with Sammy Joe, her daughter who was the subject of a smash chart hit by the same name.
Sammy Joe's paternity remains a mystery.
Chawunoita said her son had been smitten with Kombo, leading to the wedding in December 2001.
Little did she know trouble was brewing in the background as Kasi, who adopted Kombo, was already enjoying secret tryists with the songbird.
Now, Moyo's family say they missed several clues which pointed to the illicit liaison between the two.
"When I think of how Ivy has dragged my family’s name through the mud, I wipe away tears," Chawunoita said in the interview with the Mail from her home in Mbizo, Kwekwe.
She added: "Because we had accepted Kasi as a father figure to Ivy, we never saw anything amiss about their relationship and movements. But now that he has come out in the open, in retrospect I look at the odd times that Ivy would be picked up by Kasi, at times as late as 11pm, being returned around five in the morning. The usual excuse was crusades, not knowing if they were crusades for sure."
Kombo, who later followed Moyo to the UK but was rebuffed, is now back in Zimbabwe. Two weeks ago, Kasi paid bride price for her, laying the ground for a possible public wedding ceremony later in the year.
But Moyo's family insists the divorce has not gone through, despite Kombo having initiated it in November 2002.
"We are surprised that it is the same Ivy who is now playing hide-and-seek, who does not want to come forward and sign the divorce papers. After abusing our brother, we thought she should have the grace to come forward and sign the papers. But we have been waiting for almost five years now that she comes forward," said Edmore's brother, Johannes.
And Johannes added: "What we find repulsive is the ease with which Ivy could hop from Eddie’s bed into Kasi’s bed, without any tinge of guilt. And these are the people who want the world to feel sorry for them. We are not saying much, except that judgment day awaits them."
Moyo and Kombo have yet to publicly comment about the bitter divorce amid a swell of media interest.
Moyo, a design engineer, in Cambridge, is due to finish his MBA in September.

Kasi owns up, begs for forgiveness
Pastor Admire Kasi has admitted Ivy Kombo’s daughter, Sammy Joe, is HIS child
and begged for forgiveness from those hurt by his lies.
Kasi, back in the United Kingdom after paying bride price for the singer, has previously denied Sammy Joe is his child.
Kombo, due to release a new album within weeks, had previously claimed Sammy Joe was fathered by her ex-husband, Edmore Moyo. Moyo’s family denied paternity, and divorce proceedings went through against Kombo in May this year.
Moyo cited an “irretrievable breakdown of marriage occasioned by deprivation of conjugal rights” as his reason for seeking divorce after the singer went off with Kasi, who also abandoned his wife simultaneously.
Kasi has three children – Tinodaishe, Linda and Lorraine -- with his first wife, Sarah. They have all refused to live with their father, accusing him of betraying their mother.
In a dramatic interview with web-based TV station ZimdiTV posted this week, Kasi referred to Sammy Joe as “our beautiful Sammy Joe”.
Kasi also allowed the TV station’s cameras to film their two-month-old baby, Atipa, whom he referred to as “the latest kid”.
The interview unearthed a deep moral dilemma for Kasi, who was defrocked by the ZAOGA church when his secret liaison with Kombo was made public, sparking an intense media scrum.
Striking a conciliatory tone after the long running saga punctuated by an intense media interest, Kasi admitted mistakes had been made, and thanked those who prayed for him.
He said his marriage had “failed”.
He said: “The work of God is not done by angels. It’s done by man. We are man, we have problems too which we may not come with to the public. How would you feel if I were going to come to the public every day I have a fight (and say) ‘we have had a fight’?”
Kasi said he took responsibility for the circus.
He said: “I take responsibility for all what happened. I don’t blame anybody. All I can tell you is that my first marriage failed. It’s not like I am shifting blame and saying somebody failed me, no, no, no.
“If somebody is hurt by that, I am sorry. I love you and God loves me. I have to carry on.”
Kasi and Kombo hope to finally put the drama behind them, and they carefully chose their words in the interview to soften public criticism of their affair which has hurt their business and religious interests.
Refusing to be drawn into why his marriage failed, Kasi said he had deliberately avoided talking in the past because “I have a responsibility to myself and others who are involved, or who are close to the situation.”
Kasi repeatedly referred to the “hurt” he caused in the 29-minute interview posted on the ZimdiTV website.
He said he was very keen to move on, insisting he was still the “same person” thousands of followers knew before the scandal broke. He understood the intense media and public interest in the affair, he told reporter Sylvester Tapfumaneyi.
“I don’t want to justify it, I don’t want to say ah, don’t bother (asking), it’s your right because you love me. The work goes on, I go on. Should I kill myself, should I be killed? No, you want me alive! Should I stop preaching the gospel? No! You want me to preach the gospel.”
Kasi is now a bishop at his Upperview Ministries, a church based in Luton, England, and with branches in Zimbabwe.
Kasi insisted his affair with Kombo started only after her “marriage failed”, avoiding a question which asked if Kombo was divorced when they got together. Kombo’s divorce only went through in May this year, although she is thought to have been already seeing Kasi in 2001 leading to Sammy Joe’s birth in 2002.
Edmore Moyo’s mother, who gave interviews to the media rejecting Kombo’s claims that her son was Sammy Joe’s father, claimed Kombo had lied that she can’t conceive soon after her wedding.
“The next time I was to read in the papers that Ivy was pregnant…There she was, my daughter-in-law, who could not conceive now being rumoured to be pregnant by someone else," Febby Chawunoita said.
Kasi admitted his affair with Kombo had tested his faith, and that of his followers.
“It’s not as easy when the situation is on another person for you to understand it, but when it comes near you, you understand these are issues of life and it happens. Some got depressed, but they realised being depressed is not enough, I was a person in need of prayer.
“I am this strong today because of your prayers. Just imagine with all the barrage of criticism and newspapers and everyone shouting abuse I am still standing, preaching Jesus Christ.”
Kombo gave details of her new album, This Is My Now, due for release anytime. In one of the tracks, Handei Chete, Kombo said she felt the worst was behind them and they now have to look ahead.
“We are saying whatever comes, we have to keep going. No matter what happens, we might face difficulties, we might face controversies in the newspapers but we are going.”
It’s a theme she also pursues in the title track, betraying an underlying uneasiness with their relationship.
Kombo, who claimed she was grateful for the media coverage because it was boosting her CD sales, added: “We have gone through the valley; climbed all the mountains; crossed all the flooded rivers and it was not a smooth road. But I am saying: This Is My Now. We have to move on.”
Introducing her two daughters, Kombo said “…God has given me another girl”, before quickly revising her statement to say “…given us another girl called Atipa”.
Kasi also tried to deflate accusations that Kombo was his "daughter" since she raised her and her sister.
He said: "This is the work of pastors. Everyone is my child, in their thousands. If you stopped me from marrying those who are in the church, you are pointing me elsewhere which I can't go. The more they (women) are built into the church and the more we feel they fit into the work of God, and then the more we feel they are candidates for pastoral marriages." –


Taliza said...

A thorough account of an important chapter in our nation's history for future generations to refer to and learn from. Thank you sir.

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Well articulated bro. I didn't know all this.

Anonymous said...

Well done va Guchu...truth must be told. I do hope the present crop of journos are gathering info of the goings on the in the Magaya, Makandiwa and other so-called "prosperity" churches so that their wrongs may be unveiled for the who world to see...

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WOW, Good work, reporting. Welldone munyori

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Thank you for these articles Mr Guchu, full of details

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It is a very emotional story. I dislike putting any blame on anyone.All I can say is that we are human beings and in life we experience huge challenges.We are not perfect in God's eyes.We will only enter into heaven through forgiveness of sins and God's grace.

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The group EGEA took us to heaven with their music in 1993 and 1994, but this story sent us crushing back to earth. When the storied came out in 1994 and 2002 i would deny and defend them. We looked up to the trio and Prophet Kasi. I personally knew Edmore Moyo from Kwekwe and how committed he was to God. This really touched me. Although i am not directly connected to the people, this remains one of my greatest disappointments. People who confess to the Faith in Jesus Christ must endeavor to emulate the Master. The Master's character remains impeccable, transcending every nationality, in Gaza you find his followers, in Israel and in Iran you will still find them. It is His nature and His character that pulls us towards Him. Sadly most have sort after His blessing and power and not his Character, yet his character is the WAY.