Monday 22 October 2012

I can do better if dad supports me: Selmor Mtukudzi

Disgruntled Selmor Mtukudzi
Last week, I posted an article about Selmor Mtukudzi where I point out that it appears her own musical career is being overshadowed by her dad's success. On Sunday 21 October 2012, she wrote back and below is our discussion on Facebook. You can also read the other story on this blog

Conversation started Sunday 21 October 2012
Hello Mr Guchu..
I enjoyed very much reading the piece you wrote on me. Thank you so much for putting it out there. Most of it was painfuly true.

I do not believe though that in order for me to be recognised my father should be out of the picture, though it seems to have worked for my fellow 'children of legends'. I think if i had my father's support i would be somewhere else today coz i know, like you said, i am talented and this is what i am meant to be doing, music. I wish i could tell you more but if you start digging you will be shocked by what you find out.
Dear Selmor
Thank you for reading. It's not easy for me putting together the articles. I know what you mean. Remember we spoke at lengthy that day in hatfield. I know the struggles you put up with to be where you are. I know why the late samson had made some strides even if he started long after you. I admire your strength and tenacity. But like I said, suluman or tryson would not have made it had their fathers been alive. Like you said, you can realise your full dreams if you have your father's support but with daisy around, I doubt he will take in and support you like his daughter. I did not include this detail because I do not want to cause a rift between you and your step-mother. But yes, one day my observations will be recalled. Am sorry if I caused you agony.
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See, thats the thing though. I wish someone would write the whole truth. Im tired of people asking me why i dont have certain things or why i dont have a better car, i am tired of coming up with excuses for my father. Its also not fair on my mother who has supported me with the little she has from day one. People do not know that my mother was actualy married and wedded with my father coz Daisy wants people to think she is my father's first wife.

You didnt cause me agony you actualy gave me hope that maybe my father will change the way he is treating me. 

I do understand though if you dont want any part in this, i mean noone wants to write anything bad about their legend except maybe Garikai (Mazara). But i dont like the way he writes, he is not respectful and he seems to be out to destroy, thats not what i want. I just want my dad to see that people know that he treats me bad bcoz of his 2nd wife.
Selmor its about me not willing to write about it. Its not about your father being a legend. Its about him doing the right thing for all his children regardless of his second wife. In fact I remember a story where your mother spoke about the wedding. I could not get the story on the net though. But my aim is to look into the musicians I met and interviewed and understand why they have not succeeded. Like I said on the blog, its a work in progress. I will have more whenever something new comes up.
In my case there will never be something new coming up but rather the absence of anything coming up.
Thanks for indulging me in this conversation.

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Punungwe said...

Selmor could do better if she concentrated on addressing her father's problems. In this exchange she seems to want to exonerate her father and blame everything in his second wife (My father is good but doesn't treat me well because of Daisy).

This is just a state of denial. It could be possible that the father doesn't treat her well because of bad blood between him and Selmor's mother.